10 Amazing Types of Working Dog

Types of Working DogsAs we have probably said on far, far too many occasions, the team here at PupsterPassion.co.uk HQ really, really love dogs. From the tiny little fluffy teacup varieties to the gigantic mastiff breeds, we think they are all totally awesome.

However in this blog post we wanted to celebrate some incredible types of working dog breeds. These dogs can and do perform incredible tasks while working alongside their human companions and we so decided to make a list of ten types of working dog to take a much more detailed look at some great examples of how clever they really are.

We hope that after reading this post you feel even more love and admiration for our amazing furry, four legged, canine friends. Here is the list in brief:

  1. Herding Dogs
  2. Search and Rescue Dogs
  3. Police Dogs
  4. Mountain Rescue Dogs
  5. Special Forces Dogs
  6. Trail Hounds
  7. Explosive Sniffer Dogs
  8. Guardian Live Stock Dogs
  9. Disability Service Dogs
  10. Guard Dogs

Lets look at these different types of working dogs in much more detail:

Herding Dogs – Many of the herding breeds are well known such as border collies, German shepherds, Australian shepherds, etc. But did you also know the Corgis and Rottweilers are both excellent livestock herding breeds?

While the different way in which they work varies from breed to breed and country to country there are some common traits. Herding dogs are all used to coral and move herds of livestock.

Some tend to work more with cattle like Corgis, who nip and the cows heels to move them along. Others such as border collies tend to work more with sheep and use razor sharp intelligence combined with lightening sheep top herd the flock.

Search and Rescue Dogs – If some one gets lost, possibly in the wilderness, possibly after a natural disaster these dogs will use their strong sense of smell coupled with a high work ethic to help their owners find the lost people.

Border collies, German shepherds and Labrador retrievers are all common breeds used for this type of rescue work.

Police Dogs – Police forces across the world use dog for certain dangerous tasks. Hunting down bad guys, controlling riots, guarding prisoners etc.

The most common breeds of dog for police work are German Shepherds, Alsatians, Rottweilers and Belgian malinois.

Mountain Rescue Dogs – In mountainous areas where lots of people enjoy the great outdoors. Mountain rescue dogs are often used to sniff out and find lost walkers or climbers. Border collies are very often used for this job as they are breed to work across mountainous terrain

Special Forces Dogs – The most popular breed for special forces military work is the Belgian malinois. They are used in the UK by both the SAS and the SBS, and in America by the Navy Seal and other special forces operations regiments.

Trail Hounds – Not strictly speaking working dogs but hard working and amazing nether the less. Trail hound follow a scent across mountainous terrain in a race against other dogs. Check out this video to get an idea of how epic they really are:

Explosive Sniffer Dogs – Specially trained to sniff out explosives. These dogs help keep soldiers and the police safe but also every day citizens who are flying or attending public events.

Guardian Live Stock Dogs – One of the most ancient and impressive types of working dog to this day. These dogs do not herd the livestock but live with them day and night keeping predators such as wolves, eagles, and foxes at bay.

Disability Service Dogs – Working with their disabled owners to help them with anything they may need. The classic example is guide dogs for the blind who help blind or partially sighted people with day to day life.

Guard Dogs – Since the dawn of time, people have kept dogs to guard them and their properties. Most guard dogs perform two functions, they alert people when threats are nearby and then if necessary they will attack any intruders who do not heed the first warning.

So, there you have it. That’s our list of ten amazing types of working dog, thanks for stopping by to check it out!

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