10 Breeds Perfect for Young Families

Family Dog BreedsAre you thinking of getting a new dog as a family pet? Well the first thing to say is that we think that sounds like a really great idea! Dogs are amazing creatures and are so good for little kids to grow up around.

Dogs teach young children so much and having another family member and also a best friend is so valuable for your little ones.

So, the next question if what sort of dog would you like? Big, medium, small? Clever, cute, short haired, long haired? Thoroughbred or mixed breed? You have so many choices!

That is why we decided to come up with this list of prefect dog breeds for little kids and young families. Lets take a look right now:

  1. Spoodles (and Other Poodle Cross Breeds)
  2. Beagles
  3. Boxers
  4. Bernese Mountain Dogs
  5. Great Danes
  6. Labradors
  7. Bull Dogs
  8. Poodles
  9. Golden Retrievers
  10. Spaniels

Spoodles (and Other Poodle Cross Breeds) – One fairly recent innovation in the world of dog breeding is crossing poodles with other popular and common breeds. Some classic examples of this are Spoodles (a poodle crossed with a spaniel) or Labradoodles (a poodle crossed with Labrador).

What is great about this type of breed is that they do not shed any hair (poodles don’t shed hair and neither do any of their cross breeds). This makes them an ideal family dog. They also tend to have less genetic defects which means less vets bills, which will save you a few quid over the dog’s lifetime.

Beagles – Fairly small, gentle, friendly and cute. Beagles are a really lovely breed of dog and kids love them so much.

Boxers – At first glance you might not think that boxer dogs are a good breed for young families. They are part of the mastiff family and can look quite tough.

In actual fact they are great family dogs, very gentle and protective over kids, loyal and lots of fun.

Bernese Mountain Dogs – If you would like a huge long haired family dog then Bernese Mountain Dogs could be perfect for you. These dogs are gentle giants, your little ones could crawl all over them and they wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

Great Danes – Another huge breed of dog and again surprisingly gentle. Often known as nanny dogs due to their ability to look after children, if you have room for one they can make really loving additions to a young family.

Labradors – A hugely popular family pet and for very good reasons. Labradors are very easy to train, intelligent gentle and amazing with little children.

Bull Dogs – Chunky, short, stocky, lazy and very good-natured. Bull dogs sleep a lot which makes them ideal if you have a busy family life.

Poodles – Intelligent dogs with a good nature and as well mentioned earlier they don’t shed any hair which is great if anyone in your family has pet allergies or if you just don’t want the hassle of cleaning up lots of dog hair.

Golden Retrievers – Gorgeous dogs! Beautiful too look at, gentle, energetic and intelligent. An ideal pet for any home that has room for a large dog.

Spaniels – Similar to retrievers only a bit smaller. All the different types of spaniel are perfect for young families. This video will give you some nice ideas:

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