10 Massive Dog Breeds

Huge Dog BreedsDogs are awesome. Little dogs are awesome. Medium sized dogs are awesome. Big dogs are awesome. ALL dogs are awesome!

BUT there is something really amazing about gigantic dog breeds. If you have ever wondered what are some of the biggest breeds of dog then you are in the right place!

The Pupster Passion UK blogging team have a compiled for you a list of then of biggest dog breeds in the world. Every one of these breeds have some truly gigantic pooches, so let check them out:

  1. Great Danes
  2. Mastiffs (Various Types)
  3. Saint Bernhard
  4. Newfoundlands
  5. Great Pyrenees AKA the Pyrenean Mountain Dog
  6. Irish Wolfhounds
  7. Kangal Shepherd Dogs
  8. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs
  9. Bernese Mountain Dogs
  10. Leonbergers

Great Danes – Great Danes were breed for hunting. They were very popular among royals and the aristocracy in medieval times. They rode on horseback as the dogs chased deer and wild boar. In more modern times Great Danes are a very popular breed of family pet. As they are very gentle and great with children.

Mastiffs (Various Types) – There are many different types of mastiff dog across the world and they are considered an ancient breed that can be traced back to ancient times thousands of years ago. The most common usages for mastiff these days are for pets or as working guard dogs.

Saint Bernards – Saint Bernard is a huge breed of dog that originates in the alpine mountains on the border of Italy and Switzerland. Originally used to rescue lost traveler on high mountain passes they are now only ever kept as family pets.

Newfoundlands – Newfoundland dogs (often called Newfies for short) are a large breed of water dog from the Canadian region of Newfoundland. They were breed to rescue people from the water and also to help fisherman. As such they are excellent swimmers and extremely powerful both in and out of the water.

Great Pyrenees AKA the Pyrenean Mountain Dog – Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are a type of guardian livestock dog. They have been used for many hundreds of years to guard cattle sheep and goats. They do not herd the stock but instead live with them day and night protecting them form predators and rustlers.

Irish Wolfhounds – The largest of all the sight hound breeds. Bred to chase down and all wild pretty and obviously in particular wild wolves.

Kangal Shepherd Dogs – Originating from the mountains of Turkey, these dogs are another type of guardian livestock dog. Bred to live among the livestock and fend of predators such as wolves bears and foxes.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs – Once again guardian livestock dogs but time originating from the mountainous regions of Georgia.

Bernese Mountain Dogs – Bernese Mountain Dogs were first bred as general purpose farm dogs. They would guard livestock and property but also were used as herding dogs driving sheep and cattle over long distances and very hard terrain.

Leonbergers – Named after the city of Leonburger from with they originally come from. Leonbergers were bred as farm dogs and were so strong they would often be used to pull cartloads of produce!

So there you have it! Our short little list of huge breeds of dog. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time out of your day to read it. We really appreciate everyone that visits our little doggy blog! So please give yourself a pat on the back for making our day.

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