10 Tiny Breeds of Dog

Tiny Dog BreedsHello and welcome to another brand new blog post from the Pupster Passion UK doggy blogging team.

In this post we are going to list ten really small dogs breeds. But before we do we just wanted to talk about dogs in general and little dogs in particular.

In the UK it is all to common to hear phrases like “little dogs look more like rats” or “I cant stand yappy little dogs” Just to be very, very clear, we could not disagree more!

The Pupster passion UK thinks all dogs are amazing from the absolute biggest breeds to the absolute smallest dogs breeds. We LOVE all of them!

We will not tolerate any sort of prejudice against smaller dogs anywhere near this website.

Ok with that little rant out of the way and our position made very clear. Now lets look at the some of smallest dog breeds in detail. Here is our list:

  1. Chihuahua
  2. Bichon Frise
  3. Papillon
  4. Pomeranian
  5. Pug
  6. Shih Tzu
  7. Maltese
  8. Toy Poodle
  9. Yorkshire Terrier
  10. Pekingese

Chihuahua – Named after the Mexican Sate also called Chihuahua this is one of the smallest recognized breeds in the world.

Bichon Frise – Breed as toy dogs or lap dogs this dinky little breeds hails from France but its ancestors were working water dogs from the Mediterranean.

Papillon – Papillon is the French word for butterfly. This breed is named after butterfly’s due to their ears which look like butterfly wings. They are a lap dog or toy breed originating from France.

Pomeranian – These tiny little balls of fluff are another toy dog breed but this time originating in Germany.

Pug – Pugs have been beloved toy dogs for centuries. Coming from China originally and now be popular all over the world. They are very good-natured and are very easy to care for.

Shih Tzu – An ancient breed coming from either China or Tibet and kept as very popular pets all over the world.

Maltese – Another tiny little breed of do, the Maltese is a toy lap dog from the island of Malta in the Mediterranean sea.

Toy Poodle – Poodles were bred originally as working water dog and then toy variety was breed as a lap dog.

Yorkshire Terrier – A tiny breed of working dog used effectively for catching rats and mice, these dogs are a lot tougher than they may appear at first glance.

Pekingese – Another breed of toy dog that originally comes from China.

So there you have it, a list of ten of the worlds smallest dog breeds. Thank you so much to you for taking some time out of your very busy day to visit out site and read our post.

All the team here at Pupster Passion UK really, really appreciate all of our readers. If you have any tiny little dog breeds that we missed and you would like us to add to this list. Then please just post a comment below and we will get right to it!

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