About the Pupster Passion UK Team

Hi there.

Welcome to the Pupster Passion UK homepage and thanks for stopping by to check us out!

We are a small but very passionate team of dog lovers and bloggers based in the UK. Our goal through this site us to help our readers give their dogs the best care possible.

As dog owners ourselves, we really understand and appreciate how much most dog owners love their dogs. For our readers and also for all of our team, dogs are not just pets, they are members of our families. They are loved, cared for and protected with all our hearts.

So, we take a lot of time, effort and care over how we write our articles for this site. We try to use a combination of our own real world experience from owning dogs plus tons of very detailed research to make sure we provide the most accurate, honest and up to date advice to anyone who visits the site.

With any products that we  may review or recommend we do our best to purchase them and test them ourselves. But sometimes this just isn’t possible in which case we try to check them out in our local pet stores and/or read extensive user reviews from people who have used the products. We will never take money from a manufacturer to review their products.

Why Should Your Read Pupster Passion UK?

If the following points resonate with you as a dog lover then we will probably be a very good fit:

  • Dogs are more than just pets, they are part of the family.
  • ALL dogs are beautiful no matter what shape, size, breed or colour.
  • There are no such things as bad dogs, there are only bad owners.
  • As dog owners, it is our job to give our dogs the healthiest, happiest lives we possibly can.
  • Zoomies are possibly one of the best things in the world, ever!

Hopefully these statements strike a positive chord with you. We know they do with all of our little team.

Thanks again for stopping by to read about us. But now lets get to the much more important topics of looking after dogs.

The Pupster Passion UK Team.

PS – Please feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact Page.

PPS – Click this link to find out how long does it take to toilet train a puppy?

PPPS – As we mentioned we LOVE zoomies. Here is an awesome collection of pupsters getting theirs zoomies on:

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