Amazing Dogs that Save Our Lives!

Working DogsHumanity is so incredibly lucky to have dogs for so many reasons. Our canine companions truly are amazing creatures.

A large part of this doggy related blog is dedicated to celebrating anything and everything that is dog related awesomeness.

But in this particular post we really wanted to focus on dogs that help to save our lives. Many dogs will in fact gladly risk their own lives to saves ours and we think deserves some attention and recognition.

We the fact that dogs will risk their own lives to save ours is really remarkable and that is why we wanted to celebrate them with this list of life saving dogs.

  • Mountain Rescue Dogs
  • Drug Sniffer Dogs
  • Guard Dogs
  • Police Dogs
  • Explosive Sniffer Dogs
  • Military Dogs
  • Service Dogs
  • Disaster Rescue Dogs
  • Pet Pooches Going Above and Beyond!

Mountain Rescue Dogs – In many mountainous areas of the world dogs are used to track down and save lost or injured walkers and mountaineers. Border Collies are very often used for this job to their high levels of intelligence and an ability to work hard in the toughest of terrains.

Drug Sniffer Dogs – Using their super powerful noses and sense of smell to sniff our drugs being smuggled across borders.

Guard Dogs – For as long as humans have kept dogs they have used them as guard dog. To scare off predators or attackers dogs keen sense and bravery make them ideal for this task and certain breeds are truly excellent at keeping guard over our families and our property.

Police Dogs – Chasing down criminals, sniffing out drugs and guns, controlling football hooligans at riots. Police dogs in the UK do a variety of task to make the lives of policemen and women much easier and safer.

Explosive Sniffer Dogs – Whether it be in airports or train stations or perhaps at large public events, highly trained sniffer dogs can spot a bomb and alert their handlers much faster and more effectively than human searchers can.

Military Dogs – Working alongside Special Forces operatives, most often using either Belgian Malinois or Alsatians for attack work. This dogs are loved by there handlers and are often given medals for their bravery in the field of operations.

Service Dogs – From guided dogs for the blind to epilepsy alert dogs. There is a wide range or service dogs helping to look after people with disability or illnesses.

Disaster Rescue Dogs – These dogs are deployed after disasters to search for people lost in rubble or wreckages. Due to their skill and natural senses they can often find victims that human rescuers would not be able to locate.

Pet Pooches Going Above and Beyond! – How many times do you hear of every day family pet dogs saving the lives of one of their family buy alerting them of a fire or barking for help when an accident has occurred? Its not just highly trained working dogs that have the ability to save our lives.

Well that’s it for this short blog post, thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to read it. Please feel free to take a look around our site. And if you have anything to add then please use the comments section directly below.

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