Fifteen Really Hairy Dog Breeds

Very Hairy Dog BreedWould you like to know what are some of the hairiest breeds of dog? If the answer is yes then good, you are in the right place.

Here at Pupster Passion UK we really love as different types of dog. And in this post we decided to list some of the really longhaired dog breeds.

We have shared some basic facts and videos so you get a really good idea of each different hairy dog breed. So here is our list, lets get stuck in!

  1. Afghan Hound
  2. Hungarian Puli (AKA the Dreadlocks Dogs)
  3. Hungarian Komondor
  4. Bearded Collie
  5. Rough Collie (AKA a Lassie Dog)
  6. Tibetan Terrier
  7. Old English Sheep Dog (AKA Dulux Dog)
  8. Shih Tzu
  9. Lhasa Apso
  10. Havanese
  11. Maltese
  12. American Eskimo Dog
  13. Bergamasco
  14. English Setter
  15. Giant Schnauzer
  16. Pomeranian

Afghan Hound – The Afghan Hound is a very old breed that originally comes from the Middle East and was popular as a sight hound with royalty and aristocracy. They are now mostly kept as pets are very popular on the competitive dog breeding circuit.

Hungarian Puli (AKA the Dreadlocks Dogs) – Another very ancient breed but from Hungary this time. Often nicknamed the dreadlock dogs due to their very long matted coats. Pulis were bred as herding dogs and are used this for this today. However most often you will find them as family pets getting lots of attention wherever they go!

Hungarian Komondor – Closely related to the Puli’s, Hungarian Komondors are once again an ancient breed of farm dog. However the Komondors are not herding dogs but guardian livestock dogs. Their job would be to live out in the fields with the animals and protect them from wild predators.

Bearded Collie – They used to be used on farms as a sheep herding dogs however they are now most kept as family pets. They have a lovely long flowing coat.

Rough Collie (AKA a Lassie Dog) – There was an old TV series called Lassie and the dog used in that film was a Rough Collie which is why they got the nickname Lassie Dogs.

Tibetan Terrier – A medium sized dog from Asia, breed as working dog but now mostly kept as a cute and long haired family pet.

Old English Sheep Dog (AKA Dulux Dog) – The Dulux paint company had a very famous series of TV adverts feature an Old English Sheep Dog which is why they are often called Dulux Dogs. Formally a herding breed they are now most often seen as family pets or selling paint lol.

Shih Tzu – Small fluffy toy dog breed from China.

Lhasa Apso – Another small but long haired lap dog breed, this from Tibet.

Havanese – The national dog of Cuba these hairy little Pupsters are cute and friendly lap dogs.

Maltese – A small, fluffy, hairy dog breed from Malta.

American Eskimo Dog – Originally bred in Germany as watch dogs they can be quite a noisy breed. But they are cute and love-able and very popular in the United States.

Bergamasco – Another very hairy dog bred that sometimes for very obvious reason gets called a dreadlock dog

English Setter – English Setters were bred as working gun dogs. Their job was to sniff out game and then flush the birds into the air so they could shot and then retrieved by the dog.

Giant Schnauzer – Breed as working dogs Giant Schnauzers were used for both herding and guarding on farms in Germany.

Pomeranian – A tiny, super cute, very fluffy dog breed. Never meant for anything other than sitting on your lap and being cuddled.

So, there you have it with our list of fifteen of the hairiest breeds of dog in the world. You are a now officially an expert in really long haired dog breeds! Which may or may not be very useful lol. Who knows it might help you in a pub quiz one day!?!

Anyway thanks for stopping by to read this blog post. Our team always appreciates new visitors to this site.

If you have any breeds of really hairy dogs that you would like us to add to the list. Please feel free to comment below with your suggestions and we will take them in consideration!

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