Five Reasons Dogs Are Totally Amazing!

We Love DogsJust to be totally clear we love dogs! (As you can tell from some of our obsessive doggy blog posts on this site). All of our team treat our dogs as part of the family and love them very dearly and wholeheartedly.

So we do tend to spend quite a lot of our time, writing, blogging, thinking, posting and talking about how amazing we think dogs are. In fact it is probably our favorite subject to discuss, which is why we started this new UK based dog lovers web site!

So in this article we thought it would be good fun to think of five really reasons why we think dogs are so cool. If our readers like this post we will write another list with even more reasons.

But for now here’s the list in short:

  1. They Keep Us Safe
  2. They Rescue Us
  3. They Keep Us Fit and Healthy
  4. The Love Us Unconditionally
  5. They Make Us Laugh

And now lets dig into the details:

They Keep Us Safe

Our four legged canine buddies keep us safe in all sorts of intelligent and courageous ways.

From guard dogs scaring criminals away from our homes and businesses to sniffer dogs stopping bombs from blowing us up. From dogs trained to spot cancer to guide dogs helping blind people to live a more normal and fulfilling life.

In a wide variety of ways our relationship with dogs helps to keep us safe from harm. This one fact alone is enough to make dogs the best thing ever and we still have more to go! (BTW check this post out if you like really hairy dogs).

They Rescue Us

Mountain rescue dogs search rough terrain for lost walkers and climbers. Avalanche rescue dogs sniff out lost skiers and help their owners dig them out. Disaster rescue dogs sniff through rubble and landslides to find and rescue people the human rescuers cannot find.

Rescue dogs are a really great example of how dogs can bring something to the team that humans or technology just can not do.

They Keep Us Fit and Healthy

Dogs need to be outside and to get lots of healthy exercise in the form of walks. This is not just good for the dogs it is also good for us!

Walking and being outdoors have been proven to be healthy activities for humans. So this is a great example of win-win situation. Both dog and human get to benefit from doing stuff together.

The Love Us Unconditionally

Dogs without doubt are incredibly loving and compassionate creatures. They add so much love to any home and that is such a benefit to anyone they live with.

When we are happy and energetic they will play with us. When we are sad or sick they will look after us. The truly are our very best of friends.

They Make Us Laugh

We often talk about how dogs are a bit like children that never grow past the toddler stage. When they are puppies they are very much like human babies. But then when they grow older they act like toddlers, full of energy and silly games. And they seem to stay at this age for ever. Just watch this super cute video and tell us we are wrong:

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