Five Reasons to Consider a Rescue Dog

Rescue DogsHere at Pupster Passion UK, we love all dogs, from the scruffiest little cross breeds to the poshest of pedigree pooches!

But there is a very special place in our hearts for rescue dogs. These lost, abused or abandoned pupsters are even more deserving of our love and care.

So we wrote this short article for anyone of our readers who might be sitting on the fence as whether or not to adopt a rescue dog.

Hopefully we can nudge some of you into adopting and abandoned pooch and adding a new member to your family.

Here are our five reasons you should adopt a rescue dog:

  1. You Can Save a Dog’s Life!
  2. Dogs are Amazing
  3. You Will Save Money
  4. You Don’t Encourage Irresponsible Breeders
  5. You Can Find the Perfect Fit!

Now check out the list in more detail:

You Can Save a Dog’s Life!

Yes… This is both the most obvious and the most important reason to adopt a rescue dog. Sadly many rescue centres still kill dogs that cannot be homed.

While we understand that these charities are doing their very best. We think it is really sad that in this day and age homeless dogs can be put down.

So if you can do your little bit and give one dog a home and save it’s life that really is amazing thing. Not only that but you get a new member of your family to love and care for!

Dogs are Amazing

We blogged about this in details on this link But for now, in short, please just watch this video to remind yourself exactly how awesome dogs really are.

You Will Save Money

Getting a dog from a rescue home is significantly cheaper than buying a posh pedigree puppy.

Most rescue centres do ask for a donation but that is only fair and it is never a huge amount of money and always much less than buying a dog from a breeder. (Check out this post if you want to learn how to house train a puppy uk).

You Don’t Encourage Irresponsible Breeders

One of the sad things about puppies is that many breeders are irresponsible and some are downright evil.

All they care about is making money. They often breed again and again from the same bitch. Giving her no time to recover and separating her from her pups way to early.

As dog lovers and responsible dog owners, we want to do everything we can to discourage this sort of evil behaviour! Which is another good reason to get a rescue dog.

You Can Find the Perfect Fit!

If you take on a rescue dog you will be able to chose from a wide ranges of breeds, sizes, ages, temperaments etc.

This can be a huge advantage over a new puppy. For example you might want an older dog, already house trainer and not too giddy.

You might have other dogs and need a dog that will fit in well with your pack.

By talking to your local rescue centers and keeping any eye out for the perfect fit you can give a home to your perfect pupster!

If you still are not convinced please take a few minutes to check out this really awesome video, thanks!

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