Five Reasons Why Pet Dogs Are Great for Kids

Hi there and welcome to the second ever post on the Pupster Passion blog. Our first post was on health benefits of owning a dog.

We wanted to keep up with a similar theme about the positive benefits of keeping dogs. So in this post we will talk about how pet dogs are really good for children.

Our team are all passionate dog lovers. But we all believe that our human family is important. Almost as important as our dogs (just joking lol).

So if we can combine our love for our families with a love for dogs. We really think we are onto a winner, which is why we wrote this article.

Here is the list in brief:

  1. Dogs are Good Fun
  2. Dogs teach Kids Responsibly
  3. Dogs Give Unconditional Love
  4. They Encourage Kids to Play Outside
  5. They Help Children Feel Safe

Now lets take a look at each point in detail:

Dogs are Good Fun

As long as your family pet has been trained and bought up correctly then a dog can make a perfect playmate for your children.

Most dogs know instinctively that children are like puppies and that they need to be more gentle and caring around them.

So while they will engage in some rough and tumble they will do so in a way where the child won’t get hurt or scared.

Dogs teach Kids Responsibly

Most sensible parents agree that the earlier we start teaching kids to take some responsibility the better. Dogs are great for this.

Kids can top up water bowls, feed the dogs and take them for walks. This is such a good life lesson for the little ones and will stand them in good stead for the future. (BTW click here if you want to know the best way for best way to potty train a puppy.

Dogs Give Unconditional Love

One of the principle needs of children is unconditional love. The more love they experience as children, the more likely they are to grow up as happy, healthy, well-balanced individuals.

They Encourage Kids to Play Outside

Being outdoors is very healthy for kids (source) for lots of reasons. From vitamin D to getting exercise.

Dogs love nothing more than playing in the garden, a park or out in the wilderness somewhere.

Combine the two and you get healthier kids and happier dogs. What more could you ask for?

They Help Children Feel Safe

From the time they are very young right up into their late teens. Children and teenagers have a lot to make sense of.

The world can seem like a very big, scary place for them at times (and some adults as well). Having a pet dog can really help with this.

From sleeping on their beds to “keep the monsters away” to going out for walks and keeping them company.

These are really benefits that can help your children as they grow up and create their place in the world.

Ok, so we hope you enjoyed this short list. We really believe that dogs can make a huge difference to the long-term well being of your kids all the way up into adult hood.

And if you weren’t sure of this a few minutes ago, we really hope that you are now.

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