Five Simple Tips for Training a Puppy

Puppy TrainingWelcoming a new puppy into your home and your family truly is a really special occasion. Before we get stuck into the meat of this post we would just like to say…


BUT while all puppies are adorable little creatures, they can be a nightmare to live with unless they are well trained.

Setting the rules and training your puppy to obey them is a vital part of caring for your new pet.

Yes, cuddles and play fights are lots of fun. But just like children young puppies need some attention and discipline if they are to learn how to behave.

Not only do healthy boundaries make your life easier. But they can also make your dog feel more safe and secure.

Dogs need to know their place in the pack. And the sooner you start teaching them this the better.

So lets get stuck into these simple tips for training a puppy:

  1. Consistency is the Key
  2. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
  3. Praise and Play are Important
  4. Treats Make Everything Much Easier
  5. Sometimes You Have to Use Tough Love

Now lets look at the list is more detail:

Consistency is the Key

Dogs like humans learn through repetition. So if you are inconsistent with your training your puppy will learn to be inconsistent with it’s behaviours!

You must do your best to stick to the plan every single time. So for example if you want to train your pup to not jump up at people or you want to learn how to toilet train a puppy you must stop it from doing so every single time.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Again similar to us humans dogs reinforce new learning through repetition. Each time you make the dog repeat a certain task it will become more habitualised. As the old saying goes practice makes perfect!

Praise and Play are Important

Dogs love to be praised and they love to play. You need to incorporate a sense of fun into all your training and praise for whenever they do a good job of something.

Treats Make Everything Much Easier

Some dog trainers say that you should not use treats to reward your dog during training. We could not disagree more!

In our experience training dogs with treats makes everything much, much easier. As long as the treats are healthy and you do not over do it with them, we see no reason what so ever not to use them for training your puppy.

Sometimes You Have to Use Tough Love

Sometimes for the long term well being of your puppy you might have to do things that he or she really doesn’t like. You might want to cage train your puppy so that it is safe and secure when you leave the house. You might want to train it how to behave around roads when all it wants to do is run around and play.

Just like with young children, as a responsible owners you will sometimes have to use tough love and train your puppy to do things that it might not like or enjoy. It will be worth it in the long run and of course treats, play and lots of praise will help things go much more smoothly as always.

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