10 Reasons Dogs Are Amazing

 Amazing DogsHi there, fellow dog lover. Thanks for stopping by to pay our little site a visit. As the name Pupster Passion suggests, all of our team are really passionate dog lovers.

We are all a little bit crazy about dogs. The tiny ones, the huge ones, the old ones, the slobbery ones, the hairy ones and even the smelly ones. They are all amazing.

So for this particular blog post article we decided to come up with a list of ten reasons why we think dogs really are totally and utterly incredibly amazing and awesome! Lets get stuck in!

  1. They Have Puppies!
  2. The Love Cuddles
  3. They Make Us Laugh
  4. They are Good for Our Physical Health and Well Being
  5. The are Good for Our Emotional Health and Well Being
  6. They are Amazing with Children
  7. They are Great Company
  8. They Help Us at Work
  9. They Save Our Lives
  10. They Guard and Protect Us

They Have Puppies! – We just double-checked this on Google and it is a certified fact. If you do not think that puppies are adorable you have no soul! Sorry that we have to be the bearer of bad news but that is just the way it is!

They Love Cuddles – Well perhaps not every single dog but most of them certainly do and so do we so that’s a win win!

They Make Us Laugh – Most dogs (both young and old) do daft stuff. They chase their tails, they get the zoomies, they bark at nothing, they jump at the sound of their own farts! It just makes us love them even more as this video shows perfectly:

They are Good for Our Physical Health and Well Being – Dogs encourage us to get outside and take some exercise, rain, wind or shine. This is really helpful in keeping us fit and healthy (its great for our pet pooches as well).

The are Good for Our Emotional Health and Well Being – They love us and we love them in return. This compassionate relationship is really good for our emotional well-being. If you don’t believe us, just ask any dog owner if their dog helps them feel better about life. We know what answer you will get.

They are Amazing with Children – Assuming they dog has been bought up correctly and they children are not too naughty kids and dogs go together as well as fish and chips.

They are Great Company – We all have the potential to get lonely from time to time. Dogs are a great way of alleviating this loneliness and making us feel both loved and loving (even the really hairy dog breeds are cuddly).

They Help Us at Work – From recusing people after disasters to herding up sheep and cattle. Our canine companions do all sorts of work to help make our lives better and more productive.

They Save Our Lives – Avalanche dogs, sniffer dogs, police dogs, military dogs, rescue dogs, there are so many ways that working dogs save our lives day in and day out.

They Guard and Protect Us – For tens of thousands of years men and dogs have lived together in a symbiotic relationship. We care for them and in return they scare off predators and people who would do use harm. So much of our relationship with dogs is win-win and this is a classic example of that in action.

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