The Best Thing About Dogs Is…

Two DogsIf you are reading this site it is probably safe for us to assume that you think that dogs are amazing? Good! We do too. In fact to be 100% totally honest and frank about it, we are probably more than a little bit obsessed with dogs!

The Pupster Passion UK Blogging Team love every single different type of dog that you can possibly imagine. We love the tiny little ones, we love the huge ones, we love the fat ones, we love the thin ones. In a nutshell if it is a dog then we love it. Even if it is angry and aggressive we still love it. We just really love dogs!

So, now lets take a look at some reasons why we really do love dogs so much:

  • They Keep Us Healthy
  • They are Great for Kids
  • They Protect Us
  • They are Incredible Workers
  • They are Hilarious
  • But Best of All…

And now we shall dive deeper into these reasons and look a little more closely at the details:

They Keep Us Healthy

Dogs need and love to be outside on walks, this keeps them happy and healthy. Well guess what? Going on walks and enjoying the great outdoors (even if it is just your local park) is also really good for humans as well.

So by being a loving and responsible dog owner you will keep both yourself and your pet pupster healthy.

They are Great for Kids

Pet dogs and young kids go together so well. Dog love having kids to play with. Kids can learn so much about being compassionate and responsible by looking after a dog. And of course they can be each others best friends and this video shows really well.

They Protect Us

For thousands of years we have lived along aside dogs so that they can keep us safe. They have always guarded us and our property from predators and other ill-intentioned humans.

But as our relationship with dogs has evolved they now do a wide range of task to help keep us safe. From working with Special Forces to helping people who struggle with anxiety. There is an almost endless amount of ways they help to look after us and in return all they ask for is love, food and the occasional game of fetch!

They are Incredible Workers

From herding to sheep in mountainous terrain to sniffing out drug smugglers. From tracking down escaped convicts to rescue lost mountain adventurers.

Dogs perform and wide variety of jobs and tasks as they work alongside us humans day to day all across the world.

They are Hilarious

Dogs do funny stuff and they do dumb stuff. Lets be fair, so do us humans, but lets take a look at some of the dumb stuff dogs do in this video and enjoy some giggles.

But Best of All…

Best of all? They are our bet friends. They love us unconditionally, they make us happy, they keep us entertained and they stop us from feeling lonely. All this and all they need in return is some food, some walks, some play time and some treats. This is why we really are totally and utterly convinced that dogs are amazing.

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