Weird Things Dogs Do (and Why)

Dogs Do Weird ThingsEvery dog owner knows that their pups will do some very odd things every now and then. From barking at nothing. Too walking around in little circles in their beds. Just like their human owners, our pet dogs have some weird little habits!

At first glance these strange activities seem to make no sense at all. But if we look at the evolution and breeding of dogs we can often uncover interesting facts. Then we can start to appreciate why these random behaviours occur, what they mean and what if anything needs to be done about them.

So lets dive right into this list of weird things dogs do:

  • Howling!
  • Walking in Little Circles Before Lying Down
  • Barking at Nothing
  • Bury Their Bones
  • Kick Their Legs When You Scratch Their Bellies
  • Roll Around in Very Smelly Things
  • Drag Their Butts Along the Floor

Now lets looks at exactly why they do them:


Dogs howl as a form of verbal communication to other dogs. It is a left over from when dog’s ancestors were wolves. They would use howling to communication withy other members of their own pack but also other individuals and packs of wolves.

Walking in Little Circles Before Lying Down

Ever noticed your dog walking around in circles before lying down? This is another habit left over from when dogs lived in the wild. When it was snowing they would walk around in circles to make a warm little bed in the snow.

Barking at Nothing

Not all but lots of dogs do like to spend time at night barking at absolutely nothing. This stems for a better safe than sorry bias that many species including humans have evolved with.

The dogs barking at nothing don’t know for sure that there is not a threat out there in the darkness. So by barking to scare any potential threats off all they waste is a bit of energy, but they might be saving themselves from having to deal with a dangerous predator so it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective.

Bury Their Bones

This is a form of food storage. In the wild dogs will often bury bones away from the rest of the pack and leave them there for leaner times. If they are struggling to find food, they will sniff out the food stashed and chomp away on the old bones.

Kick Their Legs When You Scratch Their Bellies

When you tickle your dog’s belly it triggers the same nerves that would be triggered if you dog was itchy. So the leg kicking motion is the same as if your pupster was scratching an itch.

Roll Around in Very Smelly Things

Have you ever taken your dog out for a walk, let it off the leash and found it rolling around in some gross smelling dead animal? Why do dogs do this?

They do it to mask their scent so they can be better hunters. They are hoping that the overpowering smells will confuse their prey giving them more time to get close before striking.

Drag Their Butts Along the Floor

If you dog drags its bum across the floor you probably need to take it to the vet. It is a sign that your dog has some sort if inflammation or itching of its anus and you need to get it taken care of.

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