Welcome to the First Ever PusterPassion.co.uk Blog Post!

Pupster Passion UKWell hello there fellow dog lover and welcome to the first ever blog post from the PupsterPassion.co.uk official blog.

We would love to try and play it cool and pretend that we are not really very excited about this. But that would honestly be a ginormous lie!

The truth is that we are very, very excited about our brand new doggy blog and website.

All of our team are super passionate about anything and everything related to dogs, puppies, dog owners and dog lovers.

So through this site we will be sharing our passion and love for our four legged, cute and cuddly canine companions.

As dog owners and dog lovers we really understand and appreciate the strong, loving bond between dogs and humans.

We totally appreciate how important dogs are to their owners. Dogs are more than just pets, to us they are a part of the family, its just that simple!

So, what about the Pupster Passion UK blog. What is it about, why does it exist? Why should read it? What sort of topics will be covered?

All great questions. We are glad you asked lol.

What Will the PupsterPassion.co.uk Blog be About?

  • DOGS! (Obviously lol) – Pretty much any topic related to dog we will do our very best to write about.
  • PUPPIES (How could we resist?) – Super cute little puppies. We love them so much and will take any excuse we can to blog about them!
  • Feeding Tips and Advice – Good nutrition is vital to keep your Pupster happy and healthy into their old age. We will share advice, review food products and make sure you know what is safe for your dog and what to avoid.
  • Exercise and Entertainment – For your pet pooch to be happy and healthy they need appropriate levels of exercise. They also need to be occupied so that they are emotionally balanced.
  • Product Reviews – They are so many products for dogs from beds to automatic feeders and more. We will be analyzing and reviewing them in great detail. Separating the good from the bad and doing our best to save you money by finding you high quality products and the best possible prices.
  • Breed Information – From fun and interesting facts about the different breeds of dog to more serious advice about the various potential health issues of certain breeds.
  • Tips for Training – All dogs need some very basic potty and obedience training at the very least.
  • Vets and Pet Insurance – Looking after your pup when it gets sick can be really expensive. We will share money saving tips and tricks to help it cost you less.

Ok, so that gives you an idea of the sort of doggy related topics that we will be talking about via the new blog. Thanks so much for stopping by to check it out.

As we have said before, we love dogs, we love dong owners and we want to do our little bit to make the world a better place for keeping dogs as pets.

The Pupster Passion UK Team

PPS – Please feel free to leave a comment below to let us know you stopped by to read our first blog post!

PPS – OMG How cute are these puppies?

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  1. Puperster Passion
    August 23, 2019 at 10:23 am

    Just the team saying hello from the comment section 🙂

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