Why We Created Pupster Passion UK

PupstersHello there Pupster Lover and welcome to the brand new Pupster Passion UK website and doggy blog!

So… What is this little website about, who are we and why did we create it all?

Well, first and foremost all of our team, realty, really love dogs! From the great big slobbery beasts to think dinky little teacup sized balls of fluff.

We love all of them! The fat ones, the skinny ones, the scared ones, the grumpy ones, the old ones and of course the cute ones!

We think every single dog is amazing. We even love the aggressive, dangerous ones.

We do not think there is any such thing as a bad dog there are only bad owners. We believe that with love and patience all dogs can be taught how to be happy and safe.

We also love dog owners! Dog people are great. They care for their dogs, they usually love other dogs and when you bump into them they usually have a dog with them and that’s always a good thing!

We would also like to mention that there is a special place in our hearts for the amazing volunteers and staff who work at stray dogs homes. They do an amazing job and we all should be so grateful.

And if you are the type of person who will give a home to a rescue dog then we love you even more, thank you so much for giving an unloved pooch a loving home. You deserve a medal!

We Want to Help Dog Owners

Sadly we see quite a lot of dog owners struggling with doggy related problems and issues.

So that was why we created this site. Our goal is to help dog owners solve their problems and create a better quality of life for the dogs.

Here are some of the classic problems that we see and will be addressing:

  1. Lack of Accurate Information
  2. Struggles with Training
  3. Lack of Knowledge About Breeds Leading to Issues
  4. Too Many Abandoned Dogs
  5. Affordability Issues Around Vets, Food, etc

Lack of Accurate Information – In the age of the internet there is often far too much bad information crowding out the good stuff. On this site our goal will be to create a hub of well-researched, helpful advice for dog owners that they know they can trust.

Struggles with Training – Most dogs do not need to be highly trained but getting some basic training done can make a huge difference to the quality of life for both the pooch and it’s owners.

Lack of Knowledge About Breeds Leading to Issues – Every breed has it’s own unique set of demands and challenges. Getting the right breed for your level of experience and lifestyle is vitally important.

Too Many Abandoned Dogs – Way, way too many dogs are abandoned or handed in to dogs homes. We feel that a lot of this is down to basic errors of judgment caused by lack of knowledge. We will try a play a small part in correcting this.

Affordability Issues Around Vets, Food, etc – Vets bills, pet insurance, common ailments, healthy nutrition and exercise. It can seem daunting and expensive to a new dog owner. So we will do our best to share money saving tips.

There you go, our second official blog post explaining why we started this website. Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to comment below with any topics you would like us to over.

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